Rolling In The Dirt, LLC services the Greater KC area, specializing in all types of ground services and property maintenance since 2006.  We supply excellent service at reasonable costs, and often have quick availability.  We maintain reliable newer skid steers and compact track loaders with many specialized attachments to efficiently accomplish all types of dirt and gravel work. We have small excavators for trenching, ditching, brush clearing, demolition, etc, as well as our own single axle dump truck for hauling debris, brush, dirt and gravel.

If there's a piece of equipment we don't have, we can rent it!


Our experience and knowledge allow us to do work quickly and efficiently.  This saves you time and money!


We know you probably needed it done yesterday, so we do our best to get to your project as quickly as possible, often within a week or two.


Some folks just have an eye for certain things, and can consistently get it right.  Throw decades of experience onto it, with the science to back it up, and we think we do a pretty nice job. 

If it's not good enough for ours, it's not good enough for yours.